Fiberglass repair

Finding the right fiberglass boat repair service is very important if you want a good and quick result.

We know how to work with boat fiberglass and ensure that you have access to the best fiberglass boat crack repair or fiberglass boat hull repair services.

Our profession is to provide the best or nothing: carbon fiber, epoxy works, gelcoat repairs, polyurethane and vinylester resin rebuild.

It’s crucial for us to bring you all the support and efficiency you need at the proper price.

Our fiberglass services

Bathing/dinghy platform production

Need more space on your boat?
Do you want to set up a support for your dinghy?

Get the best of your vessel by exploiting all decking possibilities. Bathing platforms are designed and customized accordingly to every customer’s need.

We do take care of everything, from the design, structure build, wood, stainless steel or carbon fiber), production, install and warranty.

Carbon fiber works

We turn ideas into real.
Carbon fiber means technology, high performance and quality.
We combine epoxy resin and 10k monofilaments carbon fiber to give life to the best items you could imagine:

  • carbon fiber dashboards
  • carbon fiber covers
  • carbon fiber structures
  • carbon fiber levers
  • carbon fiber supports

And we can make it gloss or shiny as you wish.

Hull fouling removal

When an antifouling is not properly applied, vegetations starts to grow.

Don’t worry, is totally normal.. just leave it to us!

Locker build and modify

What to do when a crack opens next to a locker hatch?
Simple: we LEARN from it.

A crack tells us many things, at first where we have a lever on the door, where we find weak fiber, if was already fixed.. only after OBSERVING a crack we can fix it. And use it for new ideas.

We can make brand new locker out of an old set up which needed a modify, granting a perfect on the perimeter and bearing capacity.

Deck reinforcement/rebuild

Most of decks on light vessels are done with sandwich (which is a layer of polyurethane foam between two layers of fiberglass).

This technique is called “alleggerito" (lightened, in italian) and has been developed in italian companies on the 90s.

Despite it’s very light, most of boats with this system are subjects to cracks on the surface.

We do provide:
– hole inspections (entering with a camera to verify the double bottom)
– beam rebuild
– deck rebuild

This rebuild weighs approx 10kg per sqm and grants a +200kg bearing capacity on that area.

Bow step rebuild

Most of dinghies over 16feet have a fiberglass bow, also called bow step.

Despite this part in smaller models is usually in rubber and works as anchor line holder only, on some models is in fiber and is subject to cracks due to unfortunate but normal accidents.

We do grant our service in removing, fixing and reinstalling as done by the producer.

Big D, the best for your dinghy.

Hull repairs

Hull scratches are unfortunately a very common and unpleasant situation.

The most important thing to know is that if the scratch is deep and reaches the fiber is essential to DO NOT splash the vessel in the water and handle professionally the situation.

And the solution is here.

Transom rebuild/reinforcement

Boats are designed to carry a specific amount of weight, being pushed by a specific maximum power.

Under certain calculations and certifications, some vessels might be able to carry more power than others.

Despite we strongly DO NOT RECOMMEND to install more power than indicated by the CE plate, we can help you out in either way:

– strengthen transom
– fix a compromised one

Big D is an approved boat builder by Transport Malta and thanks to the skills acquired will guide you through the best option.

Bow rebuild

A damaged bow requires a particular attention since it’s the most exposed surface of the vessel.

More than this, changing its weight might occur in planing variations.

We care about one thing only: being EXACT.

Big D, the best for your boat.

Why is it important to use our fiberglass boat repair services?

Fiberglass is one of those materials that can be easily damaged. Thankfully, we have the experts to fix hole in fiberglass boats.

Regardless of what fiberglass issue you may have with your boat, we have the expertise and professionalism that you may need.

The Big D team is here to offer you the best services whenever you need to repair large hole in fiberglass boat or whenever you need any type of fixes.

When should you repair your fiberglass boat?

The challenge that comes with owning a fiberglass boat is that it can be prone to damage quite easily. Sure, these boats are not that expensive when compared to other materials for a reason. Fiberglass is one of those materials that’s affordable, and that’s great for a lot of people. But there are also downsides here, like understanding which type of resin has been used in order to not make it separating.

Boat owners have to invest in boat care. The boat will not look great without the right fiberglass repair and proper maintenance.

It won’t be worth as much as you want, and that can be a problem more often than not. The fact that it lowers resale value is definitely a problem, which is why it would be recommended to carry out repairs of fiberglass boats whenever necessary.

What type of fiberglass repair services do we offer?

We bring you state of the art fiberglass repair services you can always rely on. Our focus is to bring in the best fiberglass repair boat services affordable, dependable and performed as fast as possible. That can really bring in the utmost value and quality, and the experience is always second to none.

• Survey and pre-sale repairs
• Insurance repairs
• Deck care repairs
• Collision damage repairs
• Fiberglass boat crack repairs
• Patching fiberglass boat
• Fiberglass gelcoat repair
• Fiberglass boat hull repair
• Fiberglass rust repair
• Fix hole in fiberglass boat
• Transom crack repairs
• Transom reinforcement
• Gelcoat color match

Quality services at the best prices on the market

It’s always a challenge to encounter fiberglass boat issues, but they do appear from time to time. That’s why you want to address them as fast as possible. Not only will this bring in the utmost success and quality, but the payoff alone can be second to none.

We can easily cover any type of fiberglass boat repair services based on your needs and requirements. We can offer upholstery replacement, fiberglass boat crack repair, as well as many other different services.

We have more than a decade of experience in comprehensive fiberglass repair, and we only invest in the best equipment and raw material on the market.

This makes us the ideal solution for high quality fiberglass boat hull repair or any other similar repair services.

Are Fiberglass repairs necessary?

Fiberglass is a strong material but once broken the fix has to be studied especially on structural parts. That’s why you need to find the right fiberglass repair service and Big D is here to offer you all the help you need.

We’ve worked with fiberglass for a long time, and we know how to make the best repairs as quickly as possible.

Aside from simple repairs, we can also provide structural repairs for your fiberglass boat too. We know that it’s more important than ever for any type of boat to have repairs done as quickly as possible.

Fast services with great results

When you have fiberglass boat repair needs, the last thing you want is to spend a lot of time waiting for the repairs. We know that, which is why we are bringing in the utmost results and solutions as fast as possible. We believe that every boat repair is possible, you just need the right amount of knowledge and expertise to bring that to fruition.

We recommend you to give our solutions a try today if you want the most affordable fiberglass boat repair cost, while also getting the job done quickly and with the utmost efficiency.

Contact us today for professional fiberglass boat repair services

Whenever you need any fast, dependable and affordable fiberglass repairs, contact us right away. We have all the expertise and professionalism you need, and we are more than happy to assist with any issue, regardless of the situation. There will always be demanding situations, all you have to do is to work closely with us. Our company delivers the expertise, quality and great prices you always needed for marine fiberglass repair.

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