Yokohama Fender Repair

The most common device for STS, STQ and STB operations is the Yokohama rubber fender.

This device is the most versatile because can be used even on inclined berth, is lighter than foam or solid rubber and offer a wide range of models.

The most known producer is Yokohama, which begun 60years ago, but later the same design became so popular that several companies begun the production and today is spotted in every commercial hub and offshore.

These devices have to support very high stress (despite their dimensions) and in order to prevent cuts, a chain with tires is set as protection, but sometimes is not enough.

Which does bring the question, if your Yokohama rubber fender is damaged, what can you do?

Yokohama rubber fender repair

Rubber fenders are not easy to repair and we developed unique processes accordingly if the fender shows a hole or a cut.

We restore it in 24 hours, that means you will have no problem getting the boat fender repair done as fast as possible. If you are offering ship-to-ship equipment and manage ship-to-quay or ship-to-berth fendering systems, better keep us in mind.

yokohama fender

STS, STQ and STB operation fenders

You should always get your heavy duty fenders ready for immediate use.

These fenders use air to absorb the impact of the ships with very low reaction force and can be modulated to grant a wider and safer contact. This makes the rubber inflatable fenders the best option for STS (shipi-to-ship), STQ (ship-to-quay) and STB (ship-to-berthing) operations.

Contact us today for any boat fender repair services

We are here to help and are available for flying worldwide. All you have to do is to get in touch with us, let us know when and how to help, and we will be there to assist.

We can fully repair the Yokohama fender and bring it to its original specs.

Trying to repair it on your own can lead to additional problems. Big D® can solve the problem, and you will . Give our services a try today, we are here to assist and bring your Yokohama fender operative in no time!

Why repair a Yokohama Rubber Fender?

Because fixing a rubber fender is cheaper and environmentally friendly.

At first repairing a rubber fender is cheaper than buying a new one, and Big D® grants a 5 years warranty on it. We come at your place and bring our staff and kit for fixing the fender.


Reusing an older fender means not generating a EXPENSIVE and UNHEALTHY process.

In order to be disposed, any device like Yokohama rubber fenders have to be chopped in smaller pieces and moved to specific companies. Apart from being expensive, this process generates light and heavy dust.

Not disposing means:
• No sectioning cost
• No sectioning heavy dust production & spread
• No specific transport costs
• No pollution due to delivery
• No pollution due to the destroy
• No destroy cost

All this processes costs and cons have to be added to the purchase of a new rubber fender.

Fixing it you are saving money, the environment and you have a guaranteed job.

Cut and hole repair

During last year Big D® developed a unique system to close cuts and holes from INSIDE. This grants a safe air hold before installing any external patch. This system has been certified and gives the device full efficacy.

Valve change

This process is longer and consists in the creation of a unique valve every time, made accordingly to the volume and inner damage. This process solves 100% even the running leaks found on the backplate screws.

RINA certified

On 2020 Big D® certified the processes and prides herself for collaborating with one of the top ranked and reliable company for certification: the Italian RINA. This collaboration is unique since everything is done by Italians but abroad, setting once again a new standard of quality in the nautical field.

Rina certification


Our main operational area is the Malta, where we play with new designs and styles.

You can find out our installations throughout Europe. Our work speaks for itself. For more pictures and videos, visit the link below!

Want to see more of the works done on rhibs, sups and Yokohama rubber fenders? Check our latest videos!

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