Rhib and Dinghy Repair

Big-D® offers fixing and repairing services for Hypalon and PVC dinghies.

The company prides itself on having the best of the best staff, with more than 36 years experience on field.

We are contractors for local and foreign jobs and can help you out with Inflatable dinghy fixtures and not only.

One of our main service. Others include dinghy repairing, boat services, and Hypalon dinghy repair more than PVC dinghy repair.

Allow us to fix hypalon with our top-notch processes and ideas.

Just call us, we make a free inspection of your hypalon inflatable and let us do the rest.

We believe in quality work and ensure that all our customers get the best out of us.

With us, you would never need to worry about anything, we take care of everything, ranging from fixtures to procuring additional parts. Furthermore, our team of highly qualified workers ensures that everything is just at the top.

Big D®, #thebestornothing.

Main Services

We are an all-inclusive firm with a focus on Hypalon and PVC dinghies. We have the following three services, which we are known for, including:

hypalon cut fix

Cut repair

One of easiest way to ruin a dinghy fabric is through movement over sharp objects (ladder, trailer, stones).

The same system adopted for holes is used for fixing holes, with the difference that a cut requires a higher attention in order to make a perfect match and invisible fix.

A patch is NEVER ENOUGH, Big D makes it good and gives 1 year warranty on the repair.


Fouling removal

Removing the fouling on the bottom of the dinghies can seem an easy job, but actually is not.

Removing such vegetation can bring in worst cases (for instance due by a misuse of a scraper) to air leaks.

Our chemicals are REACH approved, not nocive for the environment and delete ALL the vegetation.

Satisfaction GUARANTEED.


Hole fix

Having a hole or a puncture to your rhib is one of most common problems but can still lead to difficult solutions.

Big D developed a unique technique for fixing the hole, granted by a push-pull fix which not only stops the air leak, but reinforce the fabric.

All our hole/puncture fix are subject to a 1 year warranty.


Planing triangle

The planing triangle is a device which is installed over the outer ring of a dinghy, which usually (due to the water flow) get detached.

Whatever is the make of your dinghy, preventing this air leak is the best thing to do in order to not being surprised during summer.

Big D prides herself for having patented a unique design for the planing triangle.
Instead of a triangle, it covers BOTH sides of the tube granting a better and longer performance for your vessel.
The design has been registered at chamber of commerce in Malta on 2020 under design 1549.


Hypalon retubing

Retubing a dinghy means have a BRAND NEW dinghy.

We do offer original ORCA® Pennel et Flipò Hypalon© fabric conversions only.
Why? Because we want to provide THE BEST.

We directly offer 2 years warranty on labor and 5 years warranty on the fabric with 24/7 assistance on field.

You make it AS YOU WISH:
– Hypalon 828
– Hypalon 866 military fabric
– Double bumper
– Custom handles
– Custom colors


Bumper replacement

Bumpers are the most exposed and damaged parts on any boats.

After few years or severe accidents, it might be necessary to change them.

But at Big D® we do beyond the problem and take care mostly of what is UNDER it.

Issues in dismantling are given by a non correct procedure, which bring to air leak from the fabric or worst damages such as layer detachment.

We take care of your dinghy and not only we proceed with caution, we do suggest what is better accordingly to your needs.

We use only the best shock absorbing rubber, Made in Italy.


Valve replacement

One of most common problem especially on PVC dinghies is the air leak from the valves, and more specifically from their seams.

We do keep in stock most common valves and some parts of the oldest models, plus what is not available is 3D printed in our internal workshop.

We do offer:

  • maintenance to the inner valve
  • spring and membrane check
  • seam fix/replacement
  • valve replacement
  • parts production

Cone rebuild

Having the stern section on a dinghy down is one of most dangerous experience you can have with your boat.

Not only it will slow you down, but depending on the model and how severe is the damage, it can lead to take water to the double bottom.

We seriously take in consideration these damages, and grant our best effort to make a STABLE and DURABLE repair.

In rebuilding stage, moreover, we apply the latest techniques of rebuild, by avoiding the external closure ring.


Mildew removal

Does your dinghy have some mildew spots coming out and you find it very annoying?
NO WORRIES, we have the solution.

Big D® developed a unique technique for permanently removing mildew from Hypalon© dinghies, made out of 5 steps and includes a protective coat which will help the brilliance to last longer.

Our chemicals are REACH approved and comply to EU standards.

About Us

Extensive Experience

Our team of highly qualified professionals can take on any challenge heads on with their 36 years of experience. We have two engineers who are the best at 3D and R&D in Malta and Tunisia, two skilled artisans in Italy and two in Malta.

To tie everything together, we have one mentor who looks at the quality and assist the team throughout.

Professional team

We have done a variety of projects, including working on small scale dinghies to prototipation of movable military camp tends.

All our manufactures are extremely skilled and belong to northern Italy, which is also the only place we procure our material from.

100% completed work

We have a track record of 100 percent completed projects on time. We never left behind a job in the middle. We ensure that all of our deadlines are met.

With us, you would never have to worry about missed deadlines and incomplete work.


Our main operational area is the Malta, where we play with new designs and styles.

You can find out our installations throughout Europe. Our work speaks for itself. For more pictures and videos, visit the link below!

Want to see some of the works done on the rhibs, sups and Yokohama rubber fenders? Check out our latest videos!

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