One of most common problem among ribs is the stern ring.

While being manufactured, a rib astern is done by an INNER ring and OUTERN ring where the beginning of the cone and the tube merge.

A very common problem is the raise of a lip of the outer ring, which eventually breaks and let water in (and air out).

This is one of the most common problem on a rib and very long to repair.

TO PREVENT ALL THIS, a planing triangle is what is needed and consists of a surface which hasn’t the same incidence in the water, so astern the ring is safe, and so your navigation.

Many companies developed different shapes but a lot (due to bad study) ended up in tearing the whole cone.

BIG D® developed a particular shape of planing triangle which has to be calculated on every specific boat.

Ring rebuild and planing triangles installation

Instead of a triangle, it covers BOTH sides of the tube granting a better and longer performance for your vessel.

The design has been registered at chamber of commerce in malta on 2020 under design n.1549.

Any unauthorised copy might be persecuted in term under the Patents & Designs Act [Cap. 417].

A copy of the certificate is found in the following link, page 26.