Superyacht Fenders

Big D® developed an innovative solution for protecting superyachts bulwarks and swimming platforms.

Our research lead to develop a protection:

• LIGHTER, less weight, higher resistance

• STRONGER, longer life thanks to Hypalon© and certified glue

• SAFER, less damages due by the use of the fenders

D-FEND is the inflatable fender which sets a totally NEW STANDARD in yachting.

The classic design of the inflatable fender has been enriched with two major factors:

• use of Hypalon© instead of PVC

• Standard tests RINA certified

D-FEND by Big D® in fact, is the FIRST fender ever obtaining RINA certification, setting standard parameters for these devices.

fender repair


4-FEND is a bathing platform fender which sorts out the problem of the swell and the transportation onboard.

Our patented design allows a limited movement of the fender while strong swell lifts it up, the hooking point are fixed while the fender can lift up to an exact inclination.

We use CARBON FIBRE COMPOSITES and CLOSED CELL FOAM, lowering the weight by more than 50% of standard bathing platform fenders.
This achieved an important goal: SAFER MOVE and INSTALLATION onboard for the whole crew, without effort.