D-FEND is a Hypalon© fender, totally handmade in Malta using only Orca Pennel et Flipò fabric, completely customisable and available in different colors.


  • Yacht & SuperYacht inflatable fenders

Protect your yacht on berthing operations and side collisions.

  • Fendering systems for pontoons & berths 

System designed for stern manoeuvres and alongside berths.

  • Bathing platforms and transom fenders

Protect your boat from water taxi, tender and water toys collisions.

What are the advantages of using an Hypalon© fender instead a PVC one?



  • Gelcoat friendly – the Hypalon© fabric is neoprene, not plastic, therefore there is no rubbing surface able to scratch gelcoat on the vessel


  • 20% lighter – one of biggest advantages is that (always the same thickness) the specific weight is between 20/25% lighter accordingly to other component’s weight (such as shackles and lines) this because we care all the crew members (including women and elder people) can handle safely these devices even if alone


  • Long performance glue – typically a PVC fender glue lasts up to maximum 5ys even by keeping the device in good condition, then because of thermal gap, straight sun heat and overpressure, leaks occur and despite it is possible to fix, it is not worth it.


  • 10ys FULL WARRANTY – our fenders are done good: the glue used is certified for 10ys by Big D® and the material is 5ys directly from the producer ORCA Pennel et Flipò. As we say in Big D®, we provide the best or nothing.