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Born on 2013, I invested since day 1 on finding unique techniques and procedures for fixing rhibs, watertoys, and fenders.


On 2018 Big D® won the Emerging Innovator and Innovation and Technology awards at the Boat & Yachting Awards.


The company prides herself of talented and motivated artisans, with whom I set new standards, obtaining RINA certifications for Hypalon manufacture process, fender production and Yokohama repair. We trust in self development and research, giving our 110% from the smallest to the biggest project.


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Capt. BARAGGIOLI Daniele

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Rhib repair

Big D® offers fixing and repairing services for Hypalon and PVC devices such as Inflatable tender and water toys.

• cut/ hole repair
• mildew removal
• fouling removal
• valve replacement
• patented planing triangle
• full retubing in Hypalon
• bumper replacement
• handles production


We believe in quality work and ensure that all our customers get the best out of us.
We are official partner with ORCA by Pennel et Flipo and do use only original Hypalon fabric.

fender repair


D-FEND is a Hypalon© fender, totally handmade in Malta using only Orca Pennel et Flipò fabric, completely customisable and available in different colors.


  • Yacht & SuperYacht inflatable fenders

Protect your yacht on berthing operations and side collisions.

  • Fendering systems for pontoons & berths 

System designed for stern manoeuvres and alongside berths.

  • Bathing platforms and transom fenders

Protect your boat from water taxi, tender and water toys collisions.



4-FEND is a bathing platform fender which sorts out the problem of the swell and the transportation onboard.

  • Safer

Our patented design allows a limited movement of the fender while strong swell lifts it up, the hooking point are fixed while the fender can lift up to an exact inclination.

  • Lighter

We use CARBON FIBRE COMPOSITES and CLOSED CELL FOAM, lowering the weight by more than 50% of standard bathing platform fenders.
This achieved an important goal: SAFER MOVE and INSTALLATION onboard for the whole crew, without effort.


Our heavy duty covers are designed for only one purpose: RESIST AT ALL COSTS.

Our clients speaks for us in the most of the occasions, and is what prides our company worldwide.

We design and tailor all the need of covers, from custom ones using SUNBRELLA original fabric, to more technical covers using Hypalon from ORCA by Pennel et Flipo and inflatable structural solutions.

We count thre skilled artisans working side-to-side to deliver the highest quality possible delivering on time.


We take care of the whole process of dismantling, production and reinstallation with exact delivery time.

We design and tailor all the need from custom upholstery using SUNBRELLA original fabric only.

Our work is entirely done in Malta by Tappezzeria Italiana.


Bumper replacement

Bumpers are the most exposed and damaged parts on any boats.

After few years or severe accidents, it might be necessary to change them.

But at Big D® we do beyond the problem and take care mostly of what is UNDER it.

Issues in dismantling are given by a non correct procedure, which bring to air leak from the fabric or worst damages such as layer detachment.

We take care of your dinghy and not only we proceed with caution, we do suggest what is better accordingly to your needs.

We use only the best shock absorbing rubber, Made in Italy.

About Us

Extensive Experience

Our team of highly qualified professionals can take on any challenge heads on with their 36 years of experience. We have two engineers who are the best at 3D and R&D in Malta and Tunisia, two skilled artisans in Italy and two in Malta.

To tie everything together, we have one mentor who looks at the quality and assist the team throughout.

Professional team

We have done a variety of projects, including working on small scale dinghies to prototipation of movable military camp tends.

All our manufactures are extremely skilled and belong to northern Italy, which is also the only place we procure our material from.

100% completed work

We have a track record of 100 percent completed projects on time. We never left behind a job in the middle. We ensure that all of our deadlines are met.

With us, you would never have to worry about missed deadlines and incomplete work.


Our main operational area is the Malta, where we play with new designs and styles.

You can find out our installations throughout Europe. Our work speaks for itself. For more pictures and videos, visit the link below!

Want to see some of the works done on the rhibs, sups and Yokohama rubber fenders? Check out our latest videos!

Satisfied customers

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