One of most common question I’ve been done..

Any antifouling has one common parameter: BIOCIDES.

Biocides are chemical substances which avoid the growth of vegetation in an environment.

The most common biocide in antifouling is copper oxide.

Inflatable devices which require to stay in water for long periods (not in and out) are usually bigger and usually made in hypalon but it doesn’t really matter which material they are made of.. Both PVC and Hypalon suffer for long exposure with chemicals.

Moreover while necessarily taken away, we tend to use an high pressure power wash. NOTHING WORST!! For two reasons: 

  1. It can scratch the material 
  2. It takes away material together with the old antifouling


Big D® offers a deep clean of your tubes with no abrasives, melting the old antifouling and preparing the material for a specific wax (Pvc or hypalon) with the most advanced method: nanotechnology.

Don’t do the damage, prevent it!