One of most common mistake while storing a sup is the roll up process.

Well rolling it up is not the wrong thing, what’s wrong is keeping it rolled up and de-inflated for long period, especially in summer.

The bended parts create corners, where the tension of the fabric is working while the heat melts the glue.

The result of this storage is the opening of the seam, and once is open is really REALLY hard to fix.

Most of the time it is enough closing the side properly but sometimes other parts are damaged as well.. so now that we know what damages it, HOW TO TAKE CARE OF YOUR SUP:

  • avoid bending, try to keep a 2Pa pressure and keep straight
  • avoid sun exposure for long periods outside water
  • clean always with fresh water and dinghy soap (the material is PVC)
  • when you go out, inflate it at around noon, when the sun is at its top
  • always inflate to the indicated pressure then DE-INFLATE IT
  • if you cannot store it straight, remember to inflate it from time to time

The important thing is to keep the paddle board steady in order to keep the shape but if warmed up (so subject to a raise of the air pressure) it has to have enough pressure clearance in order to not explode.

Now go, and enjoy your sup!

Photo Credit Henry Copperstone – Malta SUP Sea Tracks