PVC glue – 0,5 Kg


Two-component adhesive, available in tins of 0,5 kg or 1 kg.

Colour: opalescent.

Suitable for glueing any PVC based compound.


  • PVC rubber layers
  • handles / helms
  • watertight zippers with polyurethane tape (TiZip) or neoprene (BDM / Dynat / Otto)
  • latex terminals
  • valves
  • pockets / reinforcement patch

It can be used with the activator from 5% to 10%. On high and dry environmental temperatures we suggest to keep the lowest %.
For watertight applications, it is suggested the application of two coats of glue.
Ventilate the area during and after use.

How to Use

Surfaces must be polished before applying the glue and, if necessary, cleaned with a solvent to completely eliminate any and all plasticisers.

Mix half of the Big D® hardner into the can and stir for 1 minute with a stick.

Apply with a short-haired brush an even and thick layer to both glue surfaces, leaving the solvent to fully dry. This process may take from 15 to 25 minutes, based on the environmental temperature.

After about 2 hours, apply the adhesive / cross-linking mixture again. After about 20 minutes, warm up the surfaces with an hairdryer and pair the parts together while pressing down evenly.

To improve the end result and prevent air bubbles, use a roller before pressing. The dried product is odourless, flexible and resistant to ageing.

The vessel is ready for the water in 48 hours.


IMPORTANT: for using this glue you need to purchase the hardner too

Click here: Big D® glue hardner



Technical Data Sheet

Safety Data Sheet

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