Can buying a boat be a profitable investment?
Absolutely yes!

Thanks to the Big D® Charter Management Program you will be able to buy a boat that will generate profits thanks to the day charter. With and without skipper.

RHIB charters

Boat charters in Malta is one of the best investment on the island as combines the FREE USE of your boat.

Imagine to have a boat where

  • boat insurance
  • pontoon
  • mechanic and tube emergency in full summer

are totally FREE OF CHARGE.

How? It’s very simple: we rent them with you.

Big D® acquired a 8ys experience at maltese sea, servicing as captain and managing third parties vessels.

Despite the yacht charter is for recreational purposes, nowadays a real revolution took place in the world of boat rental and this activity is no longer considered a private affair between two parties.

Transport Malta is in fact delegated by the State to verify a series of obligations so that security, certainty and transparency are guaranteed.

Our fleet actually counts 7 rhibs fully certified for commercial purposes.

We do believe in SAFETY AT SEA as rule n.1 and for this reason (since legally we could rent up to 100hp to people without any qualifications) we decided to rent only to people with a valid nautical license.

We believe in our business so much we do it with you, you are not alone in this, we provide:

  • tracking device
  • booking management system
  • emergency assistance at sea
  • 24/7 repair

Fast revenue & enjoy your rhib

Investing on a rhib with Big D® is:

  • SAFE, our boats are provided with CVC (Commercial Vessel Certificate) with Transport Malta
  • PROPERLY MANAGED, we provide a booking tool which works bulletproof
  • FUN, let’s not forget this aspect: you have a boat for yourself AND you make money

This brief analysis shows us that the charter market is constantly growing and still far from saturating the real estate market. Furthermore, investing in a boat involves a higher return on invested capital and great flexibility.

Generally our customers obtain an annual income of 5% to 25% of the invested capital based on the model chosen or the period of its use.


A second hand rhib 10,000.00€ rhib, 4,8m for 5 guests, 75hp with canope and shower.

On the year of the lockdown, this rhib has been rented 29 times, without wanting to fight on price, at 250€ +vat a day making a NET income of 7,250.00€.

But we had expenses, so out of this deduct:

  • pontoon (1,600€+vat per summer)
  • insurance (400€+vat per year)
  • commercial equipment (400€+vat una tantum)
  • engine service (250€+vat per year)
  • extras 600€+vat (new canope, tube fix, gps tracker, all extras)

This makes 3,250.00€+vat of expenses. 7,250.00€ – 23,250.00€ = 4,000.00€

NET REVENUE of 40% considering ALL expenses

With an investment of 10,000.00€ we:

  • gained 1,000€ per month (4,000€ in 4 months)
  • used our boat free of charge the whole summer
  • maintained full property of the capital

We will follow all the commercial iter for you.

Join the big family of Big D®: +35677326435