“The passion for the sea lead me to see how people moved back in times.

The curiosity brought me to study those systems.

Admiration lead to a deeper connection with old sailing techniques.”


As any sailors feel like when they look at a latin rig sailing, on the summer of 2021, lead to the curiosity and will to earn higher manufacturing skills I got VEGA, a latin sail gozzo made in Italy.

The italian who went to Malta… A story already heard 🙂

This vessel is a 6,4m traditional gozzo, built on 1953 by Cantiere Navale Carrano Mario.

She had two owners only, friends, with a special value with them. And this is how VEGA project was born.

VEGA project aims to restore the old latin rig to the traditional wooden boats.

Last year has been dedicated to the restoration of VEGA.

The vessel is totally in mahogany and has been designed with the typical Spanish rig. Mast at 3/8th of the hull and under sailed in order to be able to face the strong maestrale wind of Bocca di Bonifacio.

One of the first thing has been a new sail plan and the restoration of the hull.

This vessel is today the only proud traditional vessel afloat with all canapa rigging, all wooden pulleys, and still with a 3,000 years old discipline: THE LATIN RIG.

Back in times in Malta the latin rig and Tarkija were the leading sailing rigs.

Vessels were arriving from the whole old world and in Malta different boat builder begun their production.

A Maltese Heritage risking to be destroyed

Daniele Baraggioli, owner of Big D®, is today a proud supporter of the Maltese Traditional Boat Association which aims to save and preserve this heritage.

With the precious cooperation of

MMH Malta Maritime Hub – Marsa,

Bottega del Gozzo di Vincenzo Aprea – Sorrento

Big D®

Maltese Traditional Boat Association

We are happy to share a project which aims to extend the knowledge between professionals and artisans.

And learning and sharing this tradition is the highest goal I can achieve in my working life.