The most common device for side to side berth between boats or on pontoon (technically called STS, STQ and STB operations) is the Yokohama rubber fender.

This device is the most versatile because can be used even on inclined berth, is lighter than foam or solid rubber and offer a wide range of models.

The story of Yokohama Rubber Fenders

The most known producer is Yokohama, which begun 60years ago, but later the same design became so popular that several companies begun the production and today is spotted in every commercial hub and offshore.

These devices have to support very high stress , it is composed by a 1inch thick rubber with an inner tyre cord layer.

Externally might present a cage with tyres.

STS, STQ and STB operation fenders

These fenders use air to absorb the impact of the ships with very low reaction force and can be modulated to grant a wider and safer contact. This makes the rubber inflatable fenders the best option for STS (shipi-to-ship), STQ (ship-to-quay) and STB (ship-to-berthing) operations.

What do we do if a Yokohama fender leaks air?

Very simple… call Big D®!

Here‘s everything you need to know.